Realize the advantages you can get in the game with Brookhaven script. Copy this user experience-oriented script below and start using it immediately. You can copy your friends’ avatars or teleport to your friends. At the same time, with the ESP function, you can detect your friends or opponents behind the wall and make a better quality roleplay accordingly.

Features of Brookhaven Script

  • ESP
  • Copy Avatar
  • Goto avatar
  • Refresh Avatar
  • House Settings
  • Vehicles
  • Teleports

How to script in Brookhaven RP ?

  1. Download a free and undetected exploit from our website.
  2. Copy the script code from the button below.
  3. Run the exploit and enter the Brookhaven RP game.
  4. Inject the cheat and bypass the key system if necessary.
  5. Paste the code you copied from our website and Execute.
  6. Now you can enjoy the Brookhaven RP game with the Script successfully.