The biggest reason for choosing the most recommended Syrex Hub for Ants Simulator is that it supports many script functions. Free gui that supports a wide variety of functions such as Auto Mob Killer, Auto Mining, Mob Freezer. Now it’s time to use OP Gui in Ants Simulator, the best tool to outdo your opponents.

Ants Simulator Script Features

  • Auto Claim
  • Booster Activator
  • Item Boosts
  • Auto Farm
  • Auto Mining
  • Auto Quest
  • Player ESP
  • Teleports
  • Auto Mob Killer
  • Glider Speed Setter
  • Damage Multiplier
  • Rejoin
  • Auto Dig
  • Mob Freezer
  • Walkspeed, Inf Jump

How to use Ants Simulator Script ?

  1. Download a free and undetected exploit from our website.
  2. Copy the script code from the button below.
  3. Run the exploit and enter the Ants Simulator game.
  4. Inject the cheat and bypass the key system if necessary.
  5. Paste the code you copied from our website and Execute.
  6. Now you can enjoy the Ants Simulator game with the Script successfully.